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                    ❝What does that even mean?❞

; how am I doing with my character? tell me in the askbox, and i’ll publish it without comment.
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Your muse sees mine being sold in a brutal slaver’s market.




—What is their reaction?




*makes grabby hands at plot*


Turns around quickly and slowly swallows the bacon he had in his mouth. ”Uh…making sure your bacon is still…edible.”


                Her gaze slowly narrowed in on him as he swallowe the bacon he had in his mouth, her arms moving to fold across her chest. ❝Everything I make is always edible! You should know that.❞

           ❝What the fuck are you doing?❞

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Send me a ♥ for my muse to say something to yours.


                            If I needed someone to control me, if I needed someone to hold me down, I would change my direction, and save myself before I drown.

» Send me a ♥ for my muse to say something to yours.
1. I'll tell you now you can't win this.
2. You're way too slow.
3. I'll tell you now I'm gonna take this.
4. Did you come here to watch me burn?
5. I'm not always hiding.
6. Come all the way down and watch me burn.
7. I'm not always flying.
8. I'll watch you burn.
9. So let me know just how to take this.
10. You're way to cold.
11. Show me how before it breaks me.
12. Sorry I’m not there.
13. But all my favourite friends.
14. It’s hard to fly when you can’t even run.
15. Once I had the world, but now I’ve got no one.
16. If I needed someone to control me, if I needed someone to hold me down, I would change my direction, and save myself before I drown.
17. If I needed someone to push me around, I would change my direction, and save myself before I drown.
18. Sorry you’re not here.
19. All those times before were never this unclear.
20. It’s hard to walk when you can’t even crawl.
21. Once I had this world, but now I’ve lost it all.
22. You're not the only one refusing to back down.
23. You're not the only one, so get up.
24. You're not the only one.
25. Let's start a riot.
26. Now it seems I’m fading.
27. All my dreams are not worth saving.
28. I’ve done my share of waiting.
29. I’ve still got nowhere else to go.
30. So I wait for you to take me all the way.
31. Seems you’re wanting me to stay, but my dreams would surely waste away.
32. Push me under.
33. Pull me further.
34. Take me all the way.
35. Now it seems you’re leaving.
36. But we’ve only just begun.
37. You’ve still got nowhere else to go.
38. I’ve been waiting so long.
Character development time! Give me some interesting questions about my character and I will answer.



"What on Earth did you do to make him
 that angry?”

                    ❝I fucked up on a few things he told me to do.
                                     Like.. Big time..❞

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might i begin this by saying ——- holy shit. i have been on this blog a grand total of six months to the day. and somehow i’ve reached one thousand and five hundred followers on here. charles has become my most active, though that activity wanes with school work, muse by far. i’ve made SO many amazing friends through him and have fallen even more in love with the marvel, particularly the x-men, universe. truly, thank you all. i love each and every one of you and would honestly give you the biggest hug if i could !!


( friends and group chat mates. instant message extraordinaires and tumblr crushes. whether you know it or not, i love you guys to bits. also, your writing is absolutely amazing. )

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in high regards.

( people with whom i’ve interacted, watched from afar, loved on, received love from, laughed with, thread stalked, and just plain ADORED. here’s to you, you beautiful people. )

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now, i’m certain i missed people, but just know that i value and appreciate each and every one of my followers. c:

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